69th National Square Dance Convention
Pre-Convention Dance
Spokane Convention Center
February 9, 2019

New Year’s Eve, 2018/2019

Blast Class

Graduating Class!

Whole Gang

Star Shooters Mini Gold Tournament

August 6, 2018


The Whole Gang


Star Shooters Celebrate Grace Libby’s 100th Birthday

January 7, 2017

We had the awesome opportunity to attend and entertain at the 100th birthday party of one of the square dancing pioneers in our area. Grace Libby and her husband put together the beautiful hall we dance in, the Western Dance Center in Spokane, Washington, many years ago. They helped so many folks learn to dance, and kept our activity alive. She reminisces about her dancing days and we were so happy to bring some of that back to her today. She couldn’t stay in her seat and danced a bit herself.

Things to remember: Never stop dancing, never stop dancing, NEVER STOP DANCING.

—Diane Hartley

Grace Libby
Square Dancers
Grace and Dan
Grace and Evergreen Fountains Staff